12 Bars of Christmas


Thank you all for another successful 12BoC in 2014. This year's donation to Childrens Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota helped fill rooms with much needed laptops throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.  A huge thank you is also in order for all of the participating bars on this year's 12BoC.   Bars include Bar 508, Brothers, Gay 90's, Cowboy Jack's, Gluek's, Loon Cafe, The Pourhouse, Jackson's Hole, Imperial Room, Uncle Bucks, Whisky Park, Rouge at the Lounge, O'Donnovan's, Kieran's, Mason's and Lyon's Pub.

We'll see everyone back in 2015... Cheers!

Save the Date

12th Annual 12BoC is scheduled for Friday, December 4th, 2015.