Ode to the

Twas two months before Christmas, when all through the city,

Twas two months before Christmas, when all through the city,



still had leaves, and they were oh so pretty.

Jake, Jeremy and Kyle just finished their talk
About setting a date for the 10th Annual 12BoC.

Our friends were all nestled all snug in their beds,
Dreaming of drinking to benefit the kids.
The big date is Friday, December the 6th,
Please save the date to avoid all conflicts.

Go to 12BoC.com to sign up for a shirt,
No need to pay now, just put it on reserve.
The shirt is your ticket to get in to the bars,
Free cover, cheap drinks, and the best mechanical bulls by far

Registration is open until November the 8th,
Please sign up now and don’t be late.
All pre-ordered shirts are each $20 dollars,
Remember you need a shirt if you want to be a bar crawler.

The event is epic, biggest in the state,
That six thousand people, eagerly await.
That moment at the bar when in your eyes should appear,
A Bartender pouring shots of Jager - Cheers!

Beer for 3 bucks and drinks that are 4,
Such a deal downtown, at every single door.
The Pourhouse, Kieran’s and our good friends at Gluek's
Whisky Park and Brothers, Oh the drinks they will mix.

The full list of bars will be released very soon,
They’ll all be within walking distance of The Loon.
There will likely be more than 12 bars on the list
That you can certainly visit in any order you insist.

The event will run from 6 until 2,
And the snow could be flying, so please wear your boots.
There are plenty of hotels and taxis around,
Please drink responsibly to be safe and sound.

The 12Boc has raised 70 thousand for the kids,
You’re all to thank for a donation that big.
So bring all your friends and have a Bud Light
Happy 12Boc to All and to All a good night.